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Our main goal is to build a community of designers and developers. Who can contribute with their own freebies to justzfree community. So that we mutually can grow in our field. So here you have access to download unlimited free stuff, free courses, and much more.

If you’re searching a lot on google, LIKE:

“Free PSD Mockup”
“Free Best Courses”
“Free templates”
“Free themes”

Then, You’re in the RIGHT place!

How Justzfree is started??

My name is Kinetic Singh and I’m the Founder of Justz Free.


The JustzFree story begins back in 2019, yes when the covid-lockdown is just started and everything is shut down whether it was the market to go or the offices. If anything was opened for me, that is the internet.


So I just started searching on google; how to earn money online? Actually from the beginning when I first got an android mobile with a 3G internet sim, I used to that mobile to surf google and especially on youtube to learn how to earn money and I guess you also have searched this term on Google. RIGHT?


So during the lockdown period, I watched many videos daily and read blogs related to earning money, but didn’t earn a single rupee.




One day, I received a message from my cousin on my WhatsApp related to post designing. Since I had Photoshop skills, I designed some social media posts for my brother. I finished the project and he gave me some 500 rupees. I thought can I make really good money online using my photoshop skills, so I asked my cousin how can I make good money and everything related to this industry, and Gradually I started working for clients.


In my initial phase when I was just a beginner in post-designing, I used free PSD templates to start my work. I just googled it Type “Free PSD Templates” and I’ll download a free template from any website. So daily I searched a lot related to this word, I found that some websites show that it is free from the outside but when we click to download it asks to buy it. Yes, there are some really amazing and good websites on google but those are really few and some are far from the front searches that we can find after a long scroll on Google search results.


So I thought if I have a good list of those websites, Why not I can make a website that will act as a bridge for freebie lovers to drive from the ocean to the rivers of free stuff.


That’s why I launched JustzFREE on January 3rd, 2021 as the Biggest Ocean of Free stuff. The Stuff which is listed in JustzFREE is totally free and everything is verified before sharing.


My main aim is to save time from searching on google and to give a direct path to that stuff!!

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Editorial Team


Lawrence Petrie

A keen yachtsman and editor of a cruising guide, Lawrence is constantly reminded of the effects of pollution in.

Lucas Aquilani

He is an avid beach-goer and commits to doing what he can to keep world beautiful, clean and healthy.

Ruth Aquilani

The appreciation and love that she has for wildlife and animals makes her especially concerned about environment

Jane Ansems

The appreciation and love that she has for wildlife and animals makes her especially concerned about environment

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