Free Lightroom Classic Shortcuts by btassev. You can significantly speed up your editing workflow with these Develop Lightroom Classic Shortcuts. Download this PDF for free, store it on your hard drive, print it, and put it next to your computer as a cheat sheet. Top 18 Lightroom Shortcuts that make my life in the Develop Module significantly easier. I have divided the list into two segments:

  • Basic Shortcuts and gauges that you will use before you start editing.
  • Develop Tools Shortcuts that you will use to edit and modify your images.

Almost Free and ready to use. So without any wait just download it!! Also share your review in comment and tag us on social media #justzfreefamily

This is the Biggest Ocean of Unlimited Free stuff for almost everything is available whether it’s psd mockups, templates, pngs, icons, themes, codes, plugins, shortcuts or any learning stuff for sharpening our skills. We do Research so you can save a lot of time on googling. So explore it and just download it!!

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