Understand what blockchain is and gain an appreciation for this transformative technology and its impact around the globe by analyzing use cases and future trends in technology, business, and enterprise products and institutions.

Course Outline

  • Welcome!
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Blockchain
  • Chapter 2. Blockchain Mechanics
  • Chapter 3. Blockchain Functions
  • Chapter 4. Blockchains and Governance
  • Chapter 5. Blockchain Problem Solving and Future Trends
  • Chapter 6. Blockchain Use Cases
  • Final Exam


  • Online, Self Paced
  • 16-20 Hours of Course Material
  • Hands-on Labs & Assignments
  • Video Content
  • Discussion Forums
  • 14 Weeks of Free Access to Online Course (Audit Mode)
  • Optional Paid Certificate of Completion

Course Rating: 4.5

Experience Level: Beginner

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